Rasons's customer service is built on competitive pricing and excellent product availability. At Rasons, we want the best for our customers. Hence, we are always open 365 days to serve the local community with regular prices even on Christmas / New year or any other event. Speed through the checkout, Flexibility of the store staff, Helpful and friendly people at every visit Stick rigidly to a Trade Only policy. Shelves will always be filled except in exceptional circumstances . All tillers/checkout staff will advise customers of all savings in store, when seen. ''The company prides itself on its relationship with its suppliers and customers, all helping to build the foundation for solid growth. With continued support from customers, we aim to improve our services to our customers recognising their needs. With this in mind, the company will try to provide extremely competitive prices and excellent customer service. In case of any questions or queries ,please don't hesitate to contact us!






  The goal is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary.